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For as little as $1, you can have permanent access to the beta print-and-play game here on itch.io. The handbook will not receive any art updates & the cards will not be updated with any final tweaks.

I'm also Kickstarting 100 printed copies of the Rule Over Mars Beta. Be the first to get your hands on my new game! For a $9 pledge on Kickstarter, you will get full access to both the beta and the final print-and-play versions of the game.


For clout tokens to use with the print-and-play editions, I use small red and blue poker tokens - purchased by the tube - which I stick together with glue dots. You should only need 48 of them total. You can also use coins, with a head/tails alignment, or paint one side of a roll of pennies blue.


Players secretly report to 1 of 6 bosses, each of which has a power that can turn the tide in your favor in the late game - providing you've played your strategy correctly. Each boss requires clout and you'll collect high-influence citizens to win clout tokens, with the goal of having the most clout tokens required by your boss at the end of the game.


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Rule Over Mars Rulebook 90 kB
Rule Over Mars PnP Cards 4 MB

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